top ten 10 richest person from albania and biodata

  1. samir mane

samir_maneSamir Mane, the Chairman and CEO of Balfin Group, the most prominent privately owned company in Albania, has beenidentified as the country’s first rich person celebrity with a fortune worth $1.2 billion, allowing to data provided by Wealth, a global top ten ultra high net worth intelligence information provider.

Born: 24 December 1967

Nationality: Albanian



2. Vasil Naci

vasil naci

Graduated for Finance in the Farming University of Tirana in 1991. At the same year started his own business by demonstrating Anonime Kakavi s.a, the first company of Agna Group.

MBA, Master of Business Government at the University of New York in Prague, 2006-2008.

Name: Vasil Naci

Nationality: Albanian




3. shefqet kastrati

shefqet kastrati is the president of kastrati group retail oil company which is a leading company in the market.

4. vjollca hoxha

vjollca hoxha is the president of top MEDIA GROUP which includes the famous top channal national tv and digilab cable platform.

5. Grigor joti

Grigor joti  is the president of infosoft system albania ,the leading it company in the market.

6. Edmond leka

Edmond laka is the board chairman financial of union bank in second tier bank.

7. Idajet ismailaj

Idajet ismailaj is the owner of albstar construction company which has undertaken the construction of many public big project.

8. Vilma Nushi

Nushi is the owner of  full shares of marketing distribution company which is focused in exports and imports the owner of half shares of trimed ,a pharmaceutical company.

9. Bashkim Ulaj

Bashkim ulaj is a very known businessman as the owner  of gener 2 construction company.

10. Artan Dulaku

Artan dulaku is the known of edil al construction company tring digital tv platfrom and vizion+ tv.


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