Decorate your office using Painted Maple Corner office design and Technology

office design top-celebrity.comConvince a small space to a polished eye-catching and Office Design operational home office. We used white painted maple wood veneers and solid wood painted doors, castings and trims to give the space a formal style. This home office boasts under cabinet LED lighting, doors with glass inserts, upper cabinets surrounded by wrap around postponing for books and accent firearms and sturdy maple wood drawers for salting away office supplies or filing important documents.

It’s invariably important to learn about the characteristics of the wood you’re about to be refinishing earlier beginning any new project. Refinishing furniture requires patience, care to detail, and some good ole fashion elbow grease. But I know you can do it! And trust me it really is real rewarding when its done.

About Maple

Maple wood has a very strong surface making it perfect for floor structure. However, maple doesn’t do well in humidness and wouldn’t be the best choice for floor in hot states. Its strong surface makes it perfect for the structure of bowling pins, pool cues, baseball bats, wood trim and instruments.

Sanding Maple Furniture

Sanding maple furniture can be hard because it has minimal grain and a hard surface. An orbital sander will really come in handy here and will save you a lot of time. Try using a 3/32 inch orbit to start and a 3/32 later for finer sanding later. Any grit sandpaper between 100-170 should suffice for this job. You may need to wrap your emery paper around a brick or hard object and finish up with some hand sanding. Remember to sand maple slow in order to help remove some of its naturally tough whirls. Some like to use card fighters like those sold at Lee Vally to help remove some of the swirls. I always like to finish with emery paper before I begin surfacing maple furniture though. Make sure to invariably sand with the grain or you risk damaging the maple.


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