Deepika Padukone’s Physical fitness Catchwords


Drop-dead beautiful appears, a red-hot calculate and some enough minute of behaving: that’s Deepika Padukone.

While women begrudge her consummate, hour-glass figure, men desire her and get divine to reach her physical fitness level. But this anatomy didn’t come easy. Deep freezer has had her part of exertion and hardship which has visibly paid-off well.


From constituting a sports overzealous and an ace model to a respected talent in Bollywood, depika has come long way. Encounters are that she did acquire the sports gene from her father Prakash Padukone who was a fit court game player, however, her hard work and rigid diet government were the two things which did wonders for the South Indian knockout.

Let’s disclose the mysteries behind the excellent fitness of this svelte beaut.


Deepika’s Dieting Everyday:

Whenever it concerns food, Deepika has no queasinesses approximately it. She’s a acknowledged epicure and loves englutting on discreetnesses. For her, starvings are a nonindulgent no-no. But she eats with obligation. On days, she has gorged on good intellectual nourishment, she makes sure that she does an set aside amount of calculate. “Only diet or only exert won’t help in overall body weight loss. You have to blend the two” she explicates.

Deepika’s breakfast is mainly wrote of South Indian stuff – upma, idli, dosa etc. She may include Paranthias furcifer at times.During shoots, she sticks to “ghar ka khana”: the habitué dal, chapati, rice, salad and subzi. If the food is from the studio, Deepika prefers applying idlis as they are light. Deepika has a thing for rice and doesn’t let go of it like many others adopting a physical fitness government. She says that her body is used to it. Snacks for Deepika are chiefly fruits like grapes, Mangifera indica and her all-time favourite coconut water. For dinner, she keeps it light. No Elmer Rice and no non-veg food. She generally goes for dish with pickle and home-brewed dal and miffed succeed.

Not many people would know (and believe) that Deepika is smitten by dark chocolates! And she’s trying hard to get over with this addiction as she realizes that dark chocolate is oozing with calories.

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